Welcome to Fitness Bootcamp

Fitness Bootcamp was established in 2011 as an alternative way of training and keeping fit. We wanted to create a brand that would offer exciting workouts to our clients in locations that were easy accessible and fun to train. We also put a huge emphasis on the social aspect of the classes so that individuals would find it easy to make new friends whilst getting fit. Also another important aspect was that we offer flexibility to our clients to drop in and out of classes as they feel necessary and without breaking the bank. Fitness Bootcamp brings together, Men and Women of all ages and fitness levels to workout in a fun, clean environment and with similar goals in mind. Most importantly to improve our health and quality of life through Fitness and Nutrition education. Please see below many of our frequently asked questions.

Why choose Fitness Bootcamp?

We care about results. And we believe we have one of the best teams in the business. Our Fitness Instructors and Personal Trainers are all chosen very carefully because of the diversity of their backgrounds. This keeps our classes exciting, fun and very interesting and helps to motivate our clients to their full potential. Fitness Bootcamp bring together men and women of all ages and fitness levels, from beginners to the more advanced athlete. No two bootcamps are ever the same but you are always guaranteed to have fun, get fit, lose weight and meet new friends in the process. We also have social gatherings including nights out, surf trips, hiking trips, race events, fundraisers and many other fun events that bring all our clients together creating a social club atmosphere.

What to expect from a Bootcamp workout?

Our bootcamps incorporate many different aspects of fitness. From cardio, circuit training, aerobic exercises, weight training, flexibility, boxercise, Yoga, pilates, martial arts, endurance, interactive games and maybe even some dance fitness. Our bootcamps are always great fun and proven to get results! Our classes start off with warm ups and stretches, gradually building up to a high intensity workout which will put your body in a fat burning zone. Each week your fitness level will increase along with the intensity of your workout. This creates a metabolic effect that helps you lose weight, get fit and tone up in the shortest time possible. Simply put, the more you give to your workout, the greater benefits you will receive.

Bootcamp vs Gym

Choosing our bootcamps ahead of the gym has many benefits. Firstly, our bootcamps are designed to help you achieve results in the quickest time possible! So if you have a special occasion or maybe even a holiday that you want to get in shape for, bootcamp is right for you. It is also a cheaper option for people who dont want to commit to yearly contracts or direct debits. Also it is a great way of building team spirit in companies or social groups. The people who attend our Classes are all here to get results. This creates a fantastic motivational environment which will help you reach the highest level possible at each class. Also you will always have expert advice on hand throughout your workout.

Where can you find us?

Fitness bootcamp have several locations across Dublin and we are expanding into larger towns in Kildare, Meath and Wicklow. We are always open to suggestions from people to where they would like to see our bootcamps pop up, so feel free to let us know. We also offer private and corporate bootcamp classes. You can email us at any time for more information.

What results can i expect to achieve?

Every person is different when it comes to results. No matter who the person is though you are almost always guaranteed to lose weight, burn body fat and tone up as long as you give 100% of your best effort. Our classes are specially designed to keep your body in the “Zone” where fat loss occurs, fitness increases, stamina improves and you as a person become stronger and healthier. All this from exercise and nutrition. The people who achieve the best results are those who stick to the specially designed diets that we also provide. Nutrition is a key factor in getting fit and of course, losing those unwanted pounds!! For people who cant find the time to come to our classes, we also have a few home workout ebooks available which are designed by our Fitness Experts.

What to expect from a typical day at bootcamp?

When you come to one of our bootcamps you can expect a total body workout in every session. It generally involves some light cardio warms ups to increase the blood flow to the muscle, followed by a full body stretch. From there we go straight into increasing the heart rate through a range of cardio vascular exercises including Sprints, aerobic training, interval training, agility work and interactive games. This is the part of the class which will combat fat loss, increase your fitness levels and strengthen your heart muscles. You will also sweat a lot during this part!!
From there we will go straight into our strength training. Strength training is probably the part people enjoy most as they can really feel those muscles burning. It involves a huge variety of workouts from squats to lunges to target the bum and upper thighs, close grip and wide grip press ups to target the chest, back and tricep muscles, bicep workouts and free weights and many other challenging forms of strength training.
At every class we also target those stubborn ab muscles. We generally do a 10 minute full core blast workout which will have your abs and obliques rock solid. This is a tough workout but when you put in the effort the rewards are really worth it.
We also allow a few breaks during our bootcamps to take on some fluids but we will try get maximum effort from all of our clients. People come to bootcamp for many different reasons but the most important thing is that you enjoy yourself. Exercise should be challenging but fun and we promise that you will find this throughout your fitness bootcamp course.