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Clontarf Fairview - Fitness Classes - 10 week course

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Our 10 week challenge is a fun and enjoyable way to make the necessary changes to become the best version of yourself. We're not saying it is an easy challenge but if you are determined to give us your full commitment, we are going to help you every step of the way!

These fitness bootcamp classes are a lot of fun, training happens in a group setting with social distancing in place. 

In the 10 weeks you will learn to change your eating habits, improve your fitness and strength, burn excess body-fat and improve your overall health and wellbeing. And also have a lot of fun.

The challenge consists of 10 weeks of training with our expert instructors, a juice cleanse if needed, a nutrition plan to follow and some home work to keep you active on your days off and full access to our online team if you need any help.

Our Clontarf bootcamp is ongoing every Monday and Wednesday at 7.00pm. The class takes place opposite the Yacht bar. Once you book in you will receive a text with all the class details.