Hell & Back Training (100 spaces only)

Hell & Back Training (100 spaces only)

**Please note our 8km guided group on 10th June is now 65% full. Any member who takes part in our training programs below will receive access to our guided group. This is a group of 100 people led by our team of instructors**

At Fitness Bootcamp, we are delighted to once again partner with the team at Hell & Back as their official H&B training partner. Our responsibilities as a training partner is to get you guys ready to take on H&B either as an individual or in one of our dedicated groups. By joining our dedicated groups which can be booked directly on our website below, you will be part of a team who start and finish the course as one.

Our instructors are with you every step of the way and no person gets left behind. This can be a great option for first timers or those looking for that group camaraderie and team experience.

We offer a specialised training program for H&B participants who want to join our guided groups. These involve training in the lead up to the event, a nutrition plan for you to follow, your event entry for our group (payment link will be sent once you book our training) and also some goodies, t-shirts and access to our social club for event members. Choose your closest location to get started.

We also cater for corporate groups and several options to get you guys ready for a tough but enjoyable team building experience.

The next H&B event will take place on 10th June 2023.