Fit for Summer (Locations Below)

Fit for Summer (Locations Below)

You have probably come here because you are ready to make some changes. As instructors who care about our members, all we ask from you is that you show up on time, work hard and you are ready to hold yourself accountable for at least the next 6 weeks to truly make a difference. Everything else, we are going to help you with.

This particular program is done for either 6 or 10 weeks, it's your choice. We don't promise to turn you into a fitness model, but if you are ready to get lean, feel amazing, have bags more energy and be fitter than at least 90% of the people you know, then just give us your time and trust.

All memberships come with two nutrition plans which are directly tailored for weight/fat loss and work fantastically well with our Bootcamps. If you don't need help with your diet, we also have a fitness only option on our website.

You will have your daily calories tracked for you and we will educate you around making smart lifestyle changes that are going to benefit you long term.

If you are determined to make some changes, our team are on hand to help you every step of the way. Our classes are for people who love group training, enjoy the outdoors and who are looking for an alternative solution to gym training.

Our classes are open to everyone and you don't need any previous fitness experience to get started. We are social and community based and we take pride in helping each other, having fun during classes and working hard to achieve results.

To get started, choose your preferred location from our upcoming courses below.